California’s Family-Owned Beer Distributors Launch New Association

December 8, 2020 – Sacramento, Calif. – California Family Beer Distributors (CFBD) brings together independent family owned beer distributing companies across the state. CFBD, a member-led organization, was formed in order to protect the longevity of their companies, product choice for consumers and retailers, and supporting the communities where they live and operate.

“We look forward to sharing our localized and family-owned perspective with California legislators who all-too-often only hear from the largest, out-of-state players in the industry. Our voices are critical to ensuring a fair regulatory environment,” shared Stacee Beauchamp, President of Beauchamp Distributing Company and a founding member of the new organization.

CFBD will be the first association to advocate specifically for California family-owned businesses in the beer distributor industry.

“Our businesses came together out of rising concerns around monopolistic business practices, such as forced consolidation, decreased access to market for craft brewers and loss of local jobs at large,” explained Hayden Markstein, CEO of Markstein Beverage Company of Sacramento.

Mike Lazzerini, President, Advance Beverage Company and a founding member of CFBD noted that “Distributors across the state are looking forward to joining fellow family business advocates in Sacramento to fight for the value we bring to California including local jobs and support for our home communities.”